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To evolve is to believe in the advantages of solar energy

If we told you that it is possible to meet the need for energy at a low cost, obtaining greater protection with respect to annual increases in the market, would you believe us?
We tell you the story of Kevin Valencia Úsuga, a young entrepreneur, who 6 years ago decided to look for a better future, both personally and professionally.
He decided to support his dreams and chose to build a project with two friends, All In One Solar, together they saw the potential to help families get low-cost solar energy.

They realized that the advantages of solar energy for a house were not only to reduce costs but also:

  • Return of credits due to the fact that the energy that the system produces and the home does not use will be returned in credits.
  • State and federal incentives.
  • If any of the homes need to reform a space such as a roof or electrical box, the company could help with these reforms at no cost.
  • Contribution to the environmental impact, to be able to provide future generations with a cleaner and healthier future, powered by renewable energy.

Kevin considers that the sun is always available, even if it is hidden. Like friends, you don’t always have to see them and know that they are always there when you need them.
Solar panels are ideal for all families who have their own home, to make that space something completely usable. Likewise, the sun has always been what has driven life. Now, it is helping us to produce cleaner energy that will help us in the future.
Kevin, along with his friends, consider that the biggest challenge is to educate people, to create awareness that there is a problem with conventional energy and that the solution lies with solar energy.
Therefore, Solar means living a better way. And you, what are you waiting for to evolve?
We recommend Kevin for his great experience in the world of solar panels. If you are looking to install solar energy for a house, All In One Solar can help you. Contact them through their Instagram or call them at +1(781)526-3407.
If you are in the process of looking for the house of your dreams, we at Real Estate Juan C can help you. Schedule your appointment today to find your next home.

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