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Our high level of experience and knowledge of real estate allows us to keep abreast of the changing dynamics of the market and develop the strategy that best suits your needs.

Our real estate team is comprised of experienced agents who have a deep understanding of the local market and a passion for helping people find their dream homes.

With extensive knowledge of the market and a commitment to staying up-to-date on the latest industry trends, we are able to negotiate the best possible deals for our clients.

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell, our team has the expertise and drive to help you achieve your real estate goals.

Serving Revere, MA real estate and around it. 

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Do you need to buy or sell your home in Massachusetts?

We understand that looking for the perfect home or selling your property can be overwhelming, but with Real Estate Juan C, it can be a much easier and more satisfying experience. We can help you buy your ideal home or sell your property in Massachusetts.

Contact our real estate team today to discover the comprehensive services we provide, ensuring that your real estate journey is as seamless as possible.

Real Estate Juan Cano, Agentes de Real Estate en Español

Juan Cano

Real Estate Agent / Team Leader

If your goal is to buy or sell your properties, obtain the ideal property, or sell the one you have for a great price that suits your needs, but you don’t know how to achieve it, it is a sign that you need a real estate advisor in your life.

When I decided to find my center and connect with my consciousness, I realized that my experience and knowledge in real estate have allowed me to be a great investment expert. 

What’s the key? The key is writing, visualizing, and manifesting it.

I ensure I provide good customer service and enhance my sales and negotiation techniques. I investigate everything about the market, how prices are, identify the target audience, analyze supply and demand dynamics, and goods and real estate to be marketed. I get the property to as many people as possible and see which offer best suits your needs.

I invite you to get on a journey that does not end. Growing up feels like climbing a mountain, it is difficult, but it brings you closer to the sun. Staying in the same place is making a hole in the ground and hiding your talent from the world.

You are the leader in searching for or selling a property, but I am sure that we will go further, effective in time and money, with my advice.

Estefania Saldarriaga

Real Estate Agent

When talking about dates, accounting, order, and execution ideas, I am there. My mission is to make your process as seamless as possible. I take care that all the processes are on the agreed dates, and I keep in mind every detail and extension requested, internally the accounting, order in the papers and ideas so that you as a client can have peace of mind. 

My position is based on communication, organization, dedication, and transparency. This recipe has helped me improve the customer experience when buying or selling a home. 

When you combine our real estate experience with our organization and support throughout the process, our clients always win.

And at the end of the day, when our customers win, we win too!

Emelyn Cano

Real Estate Agent

Having the ability to listen and, at the same time, understand what you need is not an easy task, nor is it an ability that everyone has. For this reason, it will always be a pleasure for me to be able to offer you my services and knowledge in real estate.

Commitment, respect, and kindness are my pillars to assertively approach your interests, guiding you in each process whether you want to rent, buy, or sell a property.

I am willing to answer your questions and contribute to my work team, Real Estate Juan C, in the rental process.

Seeing the expression of satisfaction of people when finding their property and contributing to making their dreams come true is something that makes me immensely happy. I invite you to get on this trip, and I am 100% sure that you will enjoy it.

Learn How to Make Educated Real Estate Investments with a Professional Real Estate Team​

In my real estate agency, it’s not a one-person show. I work alongside a dedicated team of expert lawyers and financial advisors who are here to assist you through both the home buying and selling processes. We cover everything from building credit, saving for a down payment, to uncovering hidden property gems that may be tucked behind peeling wallpaper and neglected backyards.

Making informed real estate decisions is crucial for both residential and commercial buyers, as well as investors. That’s why I provide my residential clients with up-to-date resources and location-specific information to help families avoid costly mistakes and start saving money.

More than just helping you buy or sell a home, I want you to become knowledgeable in the real estate field. Real estate investments are a powerful way to build true wealth, and I’d like to show you how.


Unlike most real estate agents, we are not in it for the commission.

Our mission as a team is to help buyers or sellers like YOU make the best decision about their properties. But our overall goal is helping you become a real estate investor.

Check out our recently negotiated properties in Zillow here.

We help you streamline transaction processes and provide you with the best advice on the type of investment that would best suit your needs.

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Real Estate Juan Cano
Based on 210 reviews
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21:21 05 Jul 24
Good experience.
Excellent advice and support, makes you feel calm about buying a house, advised me in detail with all the requirements I need, how I should do it and how to apply.I am very happy to find people who generate trust in me because they know what they are talking about and help you fulfill your dream of buying a home.
Libesmar VillarroelLibesmar Villarroel
17:03 17 May 24
I had the pleasure of speaking with Andres, very friendly, he gave me very clear advice on how to prepare to buy my first home. Without a doubt I will continue my process with them next year.
Viviana CifuentesViviana Cifuentes
23:26 13 May 24
Super recommended excellent
Marianela CummingsMarianela Cummings
01:10 07 May 24
How fortunate to have found Juan in this important step for the future of my family. Reliable, clear and open to sharing his knowledge. Totally recommended
Mauricio CadavidMauricio Cadavid
00:07 07 May 24
22:39 22 Apr 24
Catalina LondoñoCatalina Londoño
18:35 19 Apr 24
The response was more than immediate, our doubts were super cleared up. Everything with just one click and a call. Very good ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Daniela CarreraDaniela Carrera
09:19 13 Apr 24
Buying a home for the first time is daunting. Its so important to have the right team behind you. I could not recommend Juan enough. He was available to answer every question I had, had a good knowledge thank you Juan you did a great job 🙂
Delighted with Andres' attention, he gave me very complete and clear advice, I will undoubtedly continue my process with him to acquire my home.
Carmen VasquezCarmen Vasquez
21:48 31 Mar 24
Jose ErazoJose Erazo
22:23 28 Mar 24
Excellent service, everything very well explained….
02:03 25 Mar 24
Thank you Juan for such excellent advice, you make everything very clear and easy to understand. Thank you.
21:10 19 Mar 24
Good service, trust and very professionals 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽
Juan HincapieJuan Hincapie
10:31 19 Mar 24
Very good experience, my professional
Miguel MejiaMiguel Mejia
22:05 18 Mar 24
Excellent work and attention 👍
Juan was a great help, he has extensive knowledge, he is accurate and effective in explaining the necessary processes for the purchase and sale of properties, highly recommended
Stiven GaviriaStiven Gaviria
00:23 10 Mar 24
Very good service, he clearly explained the doubts I had 👍🏻👍🏻
Mario Umaña.Mario Umaña.
23:38 09 Mar 24
Excellent service!
Roxana RodriguezRoxana Rodriguez
23:35 09 Mar 24
I had the pleasure of meeting Juan, today and I must say he was incredibly helpful. He took the time to thoroughly explain the home-buying process, guiding me on where to start in my journey to purchase my first home. Juan's expertise and clear communication left me feeling confident and well-informed. I appreciate his assistance and look forward to working with him further.
Juan is excellent in his advice, his kindness, education and patience in explaining each step for our advice so that we could understand each step was excellent.
Marta MejiaMarta Mejia
05:47 05 Mar 24
My family and I really liked how Juan Diego explained to us everything about buying a house, the best way to achieve it and gave us very good hopes for the near future. We loved it!
Jamie PelchatJamie Pelchat
02:01 26 Jan 24
Juan has been absolutely essential and extremely helpful throughout the entire home buying and property rental process. He makes himself available whenever needed and is not only dedicated to making certain you find the best home but also takes the time to educate you along the way and that knowledge is power. There has been a delay in response time on some occasions but he has also gone the extra mile for us more than once. He will not let you fail and we cannot thank him enough for all of his guidance and support both during and after our purchase!
Alejandro CoconuboAlejandro Coconubo
18:15 24 Jan 24
with just one call, very good customer service 👍🏼
Dirma ChavezDirma Chavez
19:11 06 Jan 24
Excellent I recommend them
Sandra MartinezSandra Martinez
00:32 06 Jan 24
Excellent advisor! He explained each point in detail and answered all my questions as well as giving me advice and different solutions.
Orderly, clear and arranged in its presentation and information.
Andres CaballeroAndres Caballero
00:49 04 Jan 24
He is an incredible man, he explained to us very well and advised us a lot, he answered all our questions, thank you very much.
Tatiana LandinTatiana Landin
17:17 13 Dec 23
We had a fantastic experience working with Juan Cano. We found him professional and dedicated to helping us find the perfect home.
Jenny GuanacaJenny Guanaca
23:33 04 Dec 23
Juan, sincerely, a great person, thank you very much for the accessory. Keep moving forward in your business with the help of God. I wish you the best at all times and highly recommended from me to all people who need to know about how to own their own home. Contact Juan. kind person and thank you very much
Alan PabloAlan Pablo
11:11 02 Dec 23
very professional
Lorena Soacha JiménezLorena Soacha Jiménez
00:05 28 Nov 23
Excellent Teamwork, clear and easy information, thanks for the advice!!!
The advice was very clear, the support and the financial projection was precise, really recommended.
Alan PabloAlan Pablo
14:37 24 Oct 23
Maribel GutierrezMaribel Gutierrez
14:55 13 Oct 23
Salome OspinaSalome Ospina
02:42 12 Oct 23
Anny LuAnny Lu
20:21 11 Oct 23
Marcela FernandezMarcela Fernandez
22:01 02 Oct 23
Excellent advisor, patient, kind and clear in what he explains. Thank you
Sandra MoyaSandra Moya
00:51 23 Sep 23
I highly recommend him, an excellent person with a lot of patience and we thank him very much for Juan Cano helping us find and buy our first Casita
Danny OvalleDanny Ovalle
13:49 07 Aug 23
Juan was a key piece in being able to invest well in our first home purchaseHe understood our needs and helped us so much throughout this process.We are so thankful to Juan.His professionalism, kindness, hard work and good communication is priceless..
Freddy CampoverdeFreddy Campoverde
14:39 17 Jul 23
Working with Juan is fantastic! He goes above and beyond for me as an investor by always allocating and presenting the best deals. Juan evaluates each property and submits a detailed report on each structure to help guide me to the best investments. After we know the property we want to buy, Juan does all the work needed behind the scenes, and get us to that closing table quickly. Can’t wait for the next investment.
Andrea MilesAndrea Miles
21:22 14 Jun 23
Juan is amazing! His expertise, professionalism and dedication is outstanding. He took the time to understand my needs and guided me through the home purchasing process, including requirements, income and loans. His advice is so valuable, and I would love to keep on working with him in this journey. I highly recommend working with Juan (mostly if you are in the Latino community) as I was so impressed by his exceptional service and commitment to helping me through this process. I have no doubt he is the best Latino real estate agent in the greater Boston area.
Alex HerreraAlex Herrera
21:52 05 Jun 23
My wife and I recently bought a house in the city of Revere with the professional work and charisma that characterizes Mr Juan Cano. We are immensely grateful for the help provided by Mr. Cano since he was very patient and always present at each open house. We want also to highlight that Mr. Cano was always available to answer the questions we asked him by email or phone call. We are looking forward to work with Mr. Cano in another project in a near future.
Marcela MontoyaMarcela Montoya
22:06 20 May 23
My husband and I just bought our first investment property in chelsea MA with Juan. He taught us all about return on invesment and guided us through the process smoothly. His experience in the revere, chelsea, east boston, winhrop and lynn markets was obvios and after seeing many homes we definitmy feel like we got a great deal! If you are looking tp purchase your next investment property Juan Cano is the person to call!
Fer EspeFer Espe
12:18 09 Aug 22
Juan it was a pleasure working with you in this beautiful process of buying my new house. I know that God put the right person by my side to make my dreams come true. I know that without your help this would have never happened. Thank you very much Juan for your hard work! Like me a lot of people will be fortunate to work whith you and I know that you will make them happy. Good luck and again, thank you!
Ximena Areiza BetancurXimena Areiza Betancur
20:13 20 Jul 22
There aren't enough stars that show the outstanding mentorship Juan provided during the entire process. Even better than being just an "agent," Juan became my mentor during this hectic process of acquiring a property. We began our conversation 3 years ago, and he helped me create a profile that would allow me this great opportunity. Many of the topics surrounding the purchase of a home were confusing for me, but Juan was patient and explained in detail every aspect of this process. One of the greatest parts about working with Juan, is that not only does he advise you based on your situation...but he APPLIES his advice, and knowledge in his life. Many times agents, or sales representative only SELL, but never follow the advice they give their clients. Juan is personally invested into the growth and success of his customers, like his own. I look forward to continue expanding my portfolio with Juan.
William TejadaWilliam Tejada
20:56 17 Jul 22
I want to share with everyone about the positive experience I had with Real Estate Agent Juan Cano. My wife and I live in Andover, MA and he drove all the way from Revere, MA to meet with us and educate us on what it takes to become a homeowner and also what are options are if we don't meet our needs. He is so knowledgeable and professional, but that wasn't what sold me on him. It was his honesty. He humbly told us what would work what wouldn't and what our plan b, c, etc could look like. After leaving that meeting with Juan my wife and I came to the conclusion that whenever that day comes when we're ready to buy a house we want to be represented by Mr. Juan Cano. I highly recommend him for anyone looking to buy.
Janice TabbutJanice Tabbut
15:43 23 Jun 22
Juan was super helpful working with my brother to find an apartment to rent. I would definitely recommend his business!
Farzad HFarzad H
10:42 05 Apr 22
I had made many inquiries with different companies to obtain consultation on a real estate business transaction .I received the most accurate, the most professional, and the most helpful one from Mr. Juan Cano!He was prompt, cordial, and very knowledgeable not only in the field of real estate, but also in the very many aspects that can affect the outcome of a real estate deal.He was cognizant of my deadline and very determined to provide me with the most educated and supported data to facilitate my negotiations, which was a bonus and more than I had bargained for.He simply went above and beyond in doing his job, a rarity in today’s world!
Erin NormoreErin Normore
16:19 31 Mar 22
Juan was great to work with in helping us find an apartment to rent. He communicated well and responded quickly with any questions. I’d recommend Juan for any real estate needs!
Golden Group RoofingGolden Group Roofing
01:37 22 Dec 21
Juan was great to work with. We wanted to get into investment properties and did not know where to start. Together we learned the models and created a plan that would allow us to purchase 3 homes per year. Juan runs the numbers on each property to determine cash flow, he helps us with getting pre approvals and does not really need us until it’s time for the closing. As an investor this is a dream come true. Having an agent who sources properties for me, gets me the best offer and ensures a smooth closing. If you are new to investment, Juan will create a plan just for you. Best of luck!
Enerjeta BashajEnerjeta Bashaj
15:12 21 Dec 21
Buying a property means pre approvals, showings, inspections and closing. When dealing with Juan all steps became one easy transition. He cares and supports you through each one. Whenever you call, he is there to answer any question. The negotiations is my favorite part, as he will strategize and put the best offer not only in price, but in conditions that as a new homeowner you might not always think about. Lastly, the sweet surprises along the way and memorable ways that he shows the appreciation for each client. Thank you Juan!
Bruce F.Bruce F.
13:21 20 Dec 21
Juan Cano delivered as promised, he told me to give him a week to sell my home. I was pleasantly surprised when he sold my house in one week. I give him a five star reference to anyone looking to move in a timely manner. He is always available to answer any questions you may have. Thank you Mr. Cano it was a pleasure working.with you Bruce !!
Jennifer MeléndezJennifer Meléndez
17:35 29 Sep 21
AMAZING!!! Doesn’t describe Juan was remarkable helpful, He is very down to earth he knows what he is doing, open transparent and reliable through the whole process. He really cared about us. Juan was always available to guided us and answered every question or concern.if you want someone to actually look out for your best interest and will do whatever it takes to find your home, Juan is that person.

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