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The chances of having asked you what would happen to your assets after your death, how life insurance works, what it is, who would be the beneficiaries, and if it is necessary to have one, maybe they are high. At Real Estate Juan Cano, we will answer your questions, and we are convinced that at the end of this blog, you will decide to have one and thus take care of those you love. Wanting to protect your family and children is a completely natural act. Therefore, your care requires effort, organization, planning, and time.

Life can be lost at any time. We are not exempt from any illness or situation that limits our physical abilities to continue working to carry out household responsibilities. In light of this, conscious and timely planning is necessary to guarantee the family’s well-being. Given this perspective, several questions arise: What will happen to the house? Will your children continue studying at school? Would they be able to go to university? Are they going to run out of money? Who will pay the debts? All this can continue to work in the best way as long as you have life insurance.

Paola Gutiérrez, the agent who will help you protect your family

Paola Gutiérrez is the savior of lives. For 17 years, she has dedicated herself to accompanying families protecting their assets and providing them with confidence and peace of mind. If someone in the family is missing, none of her assets could be lost. Nine years ago, she decided to leave Colombia to seek better opportunities abroad. However, she has been the key player for Spanish-speaking Latinos for five years, thanks to the support and sale of her life insurance. Whether they require a temporary, permanent, or a combination of both, Latinos have been able to take care of their assets and those of their families at the same time.

“Life insurance is a lifesaver for the beneficiaries,” Paola Gutiérrez.

It is a lifesaver since it allows them to have a certain amount of money that replaces the income contributed by the insured and, at the same time, helps them to face payments and expenses.
This money can help the family in difficult times. They can continue paying for their children’s studies and face the payment of the mortgage, other types of loans, or debts.

The objective is not only to sell but to provide permanent support to families, advising them on financial management and all the benefits they can acquire by saying yes to life insurance.

Additionally, she considers Latinos are not very familiar with and do not even have the culture to plan and think about the future. However, doing so will allow a better quality of life for the family. Knowing that they will not lack anything for a long time and that everything they have worked on is backed up is the peace of mind that every human needs. Paola Gutiérrez has been in the market for several years, fulfilling her vocation with discipline and love and being the light that every family hopes for in those difficult times.
At Real Estate Juan Cano, we know that home is a very special and intimate place. It’s also probably your biggest financial obligation. What would happen to the mortgage if you were not present to pay it? How can you protect your family from having to sell the house if you were to die? Life insurance is key as it provides death benefit protection that can be used to pay off the mortgage. In the same way, it is not only buying. It is also necessary to protect your family in every decision you take.
If you would like to contact Paola, you can visit this link or call her directly at +1(401)241-5631.

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