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We know that filing taxes, legalizing your company, and even keeping accounting records is not an easy task. However, at Real Estate Juan C we think of you and want to make it easier for you.

We’ll show you how complicated procedures can become simpler as long as they are in the right hands.

Here are the 5 ways to choose a tax expert

  1. Choose a person or a team with experience, who has the necessary tools to solve your problems.
  2. Look for references for that person you have chosen, ask about their work, and keep in mind the clients with whom they have worked.
  3. Analyze your budget and according to this, you can guide yourself to make a decision.
  4. Make sure that the person or team you choose makes you feel comfortable exposing your points and concerns.
  5. Try to feel safe with each of the decisions you make and visit their communication channels, such as social networks and websites.

After sharing the 5 reasons to choose well, we recommend Paola A Recinos. Paola graduated as a public accountant in Colombia and has been in Massachusetts for 10 years as a tax professional.

She, together with her work team, has been executing in her company, PRD Tax Services, a close, safe and reliable accompaniment on the subject of taxes.

Some of her services include:

  • ITIN Number Procedure
  • Audits
  • Public notary
  • Paysheet
  • Tax return
  • Accounting

They have virtual and face-to-face tax preparation services, these 10 years of experience have helped them to know the market, find more possibilities for growth every day, providing permanent advice and support.

Paola loves what she does, mainly, she enjoys when her clients meet her goals and leave happy with the work done. She believes that she stands out from the competition because of her human quality, empathy, strength, and passion with which she does things. Also, her key is having a great human team that makes the impossible possible.

We recommend Paola for her great experience in the world of taxes. If you are looking to create a company, PRD Tax Services can advise and help you.

If you are in the process of looking for the house of your dreams, we at Real Estate Juan C can guide you throughout the process. Schedule your appointment today to find your next home.

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