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5 Proven Tips for Selling Your House Fast in 2023

Selling your home fast is often top of mind for most homeowners. After all, it’s a big investment and one of your most important assets. 

There are many reasons why you might want to sell your home fast, such as a job change, a growing family, or simply wanting to downsize. Whatever your reason, if you want to close quickly, you should generate interest. 

Home sellers in a hurry often ask the same question: How can I generate interest and sell my house fast, even in a slow market?

The answer lies in creating more competition among potential buyers. The more interested buyers you can attract, the better your chances of selling quickly – and at a good price. 

Here are five ways to sell your house fast, even in a sluggish market:

5 Proven Tips for Selling Your House Fast in 2023

When it comes to selling your house fast, you need to choose the right selling strategy for you. If you’re looking to sell your house fast, you need to be realistic about your expectations and be willing to negotiate. 

There are a few different selling strategies you can pursue.

For example, if you’re looking to sell your house quickly and for the highest possible price, you should list it with a real estate agent. This option gives you the most exposure to potential buyers, and you’ll have the support of a professional to help you through the process. 

If you’re willing to sell your house for less than market value, you can sell it directly to a cash buyer. This option is much faster than listing with an agent, but you’ll likely get less money for your house. 

Ultimately, the best-selling strategy for you depends on your circumstances. If you’re in a hurry to sell your house, you may have to sacrifice some money. But if you prefer to obtain your desired price, the best way is to list it with a real estate agent. In some cases, it can be even faster this way.

1. Find the Right Real Estate Agent

When you’re ready to sell your house, you must find a reputable real estate agent you can trust. They will be key in pricing your home correctly, marketing it to potential buyers, and negotiating the sale. 

A good agent will also keep you updated throughout the entirety of the process and help you with any challenges that come up. 

Your real estate agent will have many marketing techniques up their sleeve to ensure that as many potential buyers see your property as possible. This may include using cutting-edge online tools and resources and more traditional methods such as open houses.  

But most importantly, a real estate agent already has a list of potential buyers waiting for a new listing. If you’re interested in selling your house, reach out to us.

Having an excellent real estate agent by your side will make selling your house much smoother and stress-free!

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2. Price your home competitively

Price is always a key factor when selling a house, but it is imperative to be aware of local market trends when trying to sell quickly. 

If you are pricing your home too high above the competition, buyers may not even take a look. 

99% of homes that don’t sell are because they were too expensive.

On the other hand, if your home is priced significantly lower than other houses on the market, buyers may be concerned that there is something wrong with the property.

The best way to find the right price is to consult a real estate agent. Agents are familiar with the market and your area and can help you price your home competitively. Without leaving money on the table!

Your real estate agent will help you set your house price by performing a comparative property analysis called “CMA”, or Comparative Market Analysis.

A CMA compares your home to recently sold similar properties in your area and those currently for sale. The purpose is to be able to see what would be a fair price.

It’s also helpful to consider the typical asking prices of buyers in your area. Adjust your asking price based on what’s popular in your market. If you list your home for $490,000, then you run the risk of missing out on potential buyers who are looking for homes under $450,000. It is not worth asking for the extra $30,000 if fewer buyers will see your home.

Another option to consider is pricing your home slightly below the competition. This can be especially effective in markets where there is a lot of competition and buyers are looking for a deal. By pricing your home just below the competition, you’re more likely to generate interest and get potential buyers in the door. 

Once you grasp what your home is worth, you can price it accordingly to help ensure a quick and successful sale.

3. Get rid of clutter and depersonalize

The next step to selling your house fast is to get rid of clutter and depersonalize. This will help potential buyers see the property as a blank canvas they can personalize to their taste. 

In addition, getting rid of clutter will make the house look more spacious and inviting, which can be a significant selling point.

So, how do you get rid of clutter and depersonalize your home? A good place to start is by decluttering each room and removing any personal items, such as family photos or memorabilia. 

Something as simple as rearranging your furniture can help make your home look more inviting to buyers and help them move around more easily without bumping into anything. 

If necessary, store any bulky items to prevent your rooms from appearing smaller than they are.

Once decluttered, you can depersonalize the space by painting the walls a neutral color and removing any bold or bright accent pieces. These steps will help make your house more appealing to buyers and increase the likelihood of selling quickly.

If you want to help give your home an extra edge, invest in working with a stager. A stager can help you rearrange furniture and accessories to create a more appealing space where potential buyers can visualize themselves. 

Staging your home before putting it on the market can be costly, but the National Association of Realtors (NAR) estimates that, on average, staged homes sell 88% faster and for 20% more than non-staged homes. Therefore, while the initial investment might be higher, you could see a greater return on your investment in the long run. 

In addition, taking professional pictures of your house is a must in this process. The pictures will be the first impression that buyers will have. Therefore, we recommend taking them after decluttering and depersonalizing the property.

Remember… Decluttering and depersonalizing are essential steps to hosting a successful open house.

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4. Increase Your Curb Appeal

Many people don’t realize how important curb appeal is when it comes to selling a house. First impressions are everything. 

If potential buyers don’t like what they see when they first pull up to your house, they’re likely to keep driving. That’s why it’s so important to work on your home’s curb appeal in every possible way. 

First, take a look at your landscaping. Is your lawn well-manicured and free of any weeds or overgrown plants? Are your flower beds neat? If not, take some time to spruce up your landscaping. Trimmed hedges, colorful flowers, and a green, weed-free lawn can increase your home’s curb appeal.

Next, take a look at your home’s exterior. A fresh coat of paint can go a long way in making a good first impression. If you don’t have time to repaint your whole house, consider painting your front door. 

You can also swap out your address numbers or door handles for newer, more attractive replacements.

Ensure that the pathway leading to your porch is clean and safe.  A cluttered or unsafe entryway can be a turnoff for prospective buyers. So, it’s essential to make sure the pathway from the curb to your porch is clean and well-maintained. This includes straightening any uneven paths and pruning overgrown bushes. 

Having a tidy and presentable entryway can help buyers focus on the appearance of your house when they approach it.

Remember to change your lightbulbs! This is especially important if you are planning to show your house later in the day or during the winter. 

By taking some time to increase your home’s curb appeal, you can make a big difference in how quickly your home sells. A well-kept and attractive home exterior signals to potential buyers that you’ve cared for the property, and they can believe that the house’s interior is just as well-maintained. 

A good first impression will help you sell your home quickly, so make sure yours is fantastic.

5. Quickly repair any damage

When trying to sell your home, you won’t have time for any major renovations. So, it’s important to focus on quick repairs that will address anything that could deter potential buyers. This means fixing anything that could increase your house value. 

But you want to spend only a little money on repairs you may get back when you sell the home. 

So, how can you quickly repair any home damage to help it sell fast?

One option is to focus on cosmetic repairs. 

These repairs will make the home look better, but they may not fix any major issues. For example, you should repaint any walls that look scuffed up. Or, replace any damaged flooring. These repairs can make a big difference in how the home looks, but they won’t cost a lot of money.

Another option is to focus on repairs that will make the home more functional. 

These are repairs that will fix things that are broken. For example, repair any leaks in the roof. Or, you can fix any broken windows. These repairs can be more expensive, but they’ll make the home more appealing to potential buyers.

So, what’s the best option for you? It depends on the situation. If you want to get the opinion of a real estate agent, click here

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BONUS: Add some icing to the cake

Adding an incentive to the home and deal will make it more attractive to buyers. 

One common incentive is offering to pay a certain amount of the buyer’s closing costs. This can be a percentage of the total closing costs or a fixed dollar amount. 

Another incentive is offering a home warranty, which can give the buyer peace of mind knowing that major repairs will be covered for a certain period. 

Some sellers also offer to pre-pay property taxes or homeowner’s insurance for a year or two. Others may offer to make cosmetic improvements to the home, such as painting or installing new flooring. 

Whatever the incentive, it should be something that will make the buyer more likely to choose your home over another.

These added benefits can make a big difference in whether or not a buyer decides to go through with a purchase.  Buyers love getting a little extra something. It can make all the difference in getting them to sign on the dotted line. So if you’re looking to seal the deal fast, consider adding a little extra to the mix.


The timeframe for closing a house for sale can vary depending on several factors, including the type of sale (e.g., cash sale, mortgage sale), the buyer’s financial situation, the seller’s motivation, and the local housing market. However, it is possible to close a house within a few weeks.

Selling a home quickly is possible, but it takes some effort from the homeowner. Working with a diligent real estate agent is key to selling a home fast. Your agent will represent you by helping market the home to potential buyers and negotiating the best price. 

The homeowner should also be prepared to make some necessary repairs and stage the home in a way that is appealing to buyers. With some effort and help from a real estate agent, selling a home fast is possible.

Let’s start the process today if you plan to sell your house. Get a free consultation by calling us at (617)729-2967 or clicking here.

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