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Don't leave money on the table, I can help you sell your house!


I will explain in detail how I came up with the value of your home and what the process to sell your house would look like.

FINALLY… An easy and quick way to sell your house without headaches!


Do you have a date to move in mind? We can help you make the transition in the shortest timeframe possible.


Are you worried you won’t have a place to live when you sell? Don’t feel pressured to buy we can show you how.


Do you owe more money than your house is worth? We can help you Short-Sale so that you don’t hurt your credit.


Do you feel that if you do some improvements you could sell for more? We can advise you which are the best updates to maximize your profits.

My Pricing Strategy

Sell This House - Real Estate Blog - Real Estate Juan C

The price for your property is not determined by any website, agent or seller – it’s determined by the current market conditions. 

I use the most up to date comparable properties within a radius from your home.

This method, combined with my experience will assure you that I market your property correctly to attract the right buyers willing to pay a good price.

Sell This House - Real Estate Blog - Real Estate Juan C

Buy a Place You Can Fall In Love With

With so many homes for sale in Massachusetts, it is hard to find the perfect one for you and your family. 

Also, spare yourself the trouble of purchasing a house with buried skeletons that pop up time and again in the form of leaking walls or broken drains, etc. 

Real Estate Juan C helps sift out an incredible home from among all the houses for sale in Revere, MA and the areas around it, so that you can build your own world  full of laughter, love, hope, and dreams!

Our list of all the amazing homes for sale in Revere, MA, also includes the exclusive ones that have not yet made it to the market.

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Your Home Is Worth Every Effort

Real Estate Juan C goes the extra mile to ensure you get a profitable deal when you sell your house. Our access to larger markets allows us to pair you up with a suitable seller so that you get a house at an excellent price. We have incredibly professionally trained agents who handle all the paperwork and complications so you can relax knowing your dreams are in safe hands.


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