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We like to highlight local businesses and professionals, so you can better understand the surroundings of your new home. This time, we decided to interview Elena’s Bakeshop. Read on to learn about her wonderful story.
Elena’s Bakeshop is a Colombian bakery serving Revere and the surrounding areas.

Is it a family business?

Yes, Sebastian and John are the geniuses behind all this.

How did Elena’s Bakeshop start?

From mom’s oven straight to your heart.

What was the motivation for making cakes, and why did you decide to sell them?

With a suitcase full of illusions, fears, new experiences, and dreams to fulfill, Sebastian and John decided to take flight defending their Colombian roots to give birth to that dream in Boston, United States, where they currently reside.

What is the most special, and what excites you about making pastries?

Many of those initial dreams have died, others have been transformed, but the dream has remained intact: “Bring the magical flavor of Colombia to all the children who are far from home and also captivate the palates of those who never have savored.” They arrived in a city inspired by art, history, and culture, flooded with that illusion during the pandemic. Elena’s Bakeshop was born as economic aid and to connect and provide experiences through its products and attention.

What is the purpose of pastry?

Elena’s Bakeshop is a tribute to moms, grandmothers, aunts, and mom’s friends; so that when people are away from home, they don’t feel alone and away from mom’s food. Under this philosophy, they have been able to bring the warmth of the home into their products and generate experiences around food.

What do they prepare at Elena’s Bakeshop?

The first products they brought out and are currently the best sellers in Elena’s Bakeshop are the traditional “torta envinada colombiana” and the “María Luisa” red fruit cake with caramel. Little by little, they grew and expanded their offer. They already have cakes with different Colombian flavors, such as the acid of passion fruit, the aroma of the coffee, and the sweetness of the sandwich; Carrot and almond cakes have been the best allies to accompany something familiar. Similarly, to provide more comfort, closeness, and freshness, they decided to sell frozen puff pastries so that people from the comfort of their homes can prepare them and thus taste them freshly made.

What sets you apart from other Colombian Bakery?

People have found in Elena’s the possibility of feeling closer to home and especially to mothers. For them, every detail makes a difference, the product may have the same ingredients, but the difference is in the warmth, love, and experience created around the product.

What are the benefits and positive points that confectionery has brought to your lives?

For Sebastián and John, Elena’s Bakeshop has become a life experience. It has allowed them to connect with love, their roots, well-being, and how therapeutic pastry has been. They consider that eating is a completely therapeutic action, where you allow yourself to connect with the most sacred, where the warmest and deepest conversations arise. And as Sebastián says: “without a doubt, our goal is and always will be to connect and bring mom’s oven to your heart”.

We hope you have learned a little more about this wonderful undertaking. Do not hesitate to call them at +1(781)866-7888 or visit their website here if you want to try the taste of Colombian pastries.

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