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Local Electrician Review

We have invited electrician Sebastian to explain his electrical installation journey.

Have you ever wondered what life would be like without electricity? We would go back to the past, and we would have to take out the candles, cook with firewood, cell phones, televisions, stoves, refrigerators, sound equipment, and other electrical devices would not exist.

To explore the different branches of electricity, identify the strengths of the industry and never stop learning, the motivation was born for Sebastián Franco, a man who left Colombia at the age of 12, to decide to search for electricity, his source of income and passion at the same time.
At 32 years old, he already has a company called “Alpines Electric” he decided to put it that way since the word Alpine is related to the highest mountains. His goal is for his company to be characterized by being the best, with wide coverage and reaching the top. His wife works at his company, and a partner, Ana, and two other workers. In electricity, Sebastián has identified many benefits for his clients, mainly improving their quality of life, delivering superior service, and at the same time being in tune with what the law requires.

Services offered by Alpines Electric for electrical installation:

Camera systems, interior lighting design, service for smart systems, and renovations. His work has been so good that it has reached more people because they have referred him. Likewise, he considers each job different and takes the necessary time to understand the client’s needs and deliver the best result. People say their services are well done, clean, guaranteed, and professionally well executed.
Alpines Electric is a dream come true. It is based on discipline, effort, motivation, commitment, tears, emotion, and fatigue, but even so, it has not been an impediment for Sebastián and Ana to move forward. Their motto is: “slowly, but with soul,” and they have plenty of that because they know that the race is just beginning.
We recommend Sebastian for his diligence and hard work. If you are looking for someone to solve electrical issues in your home, Alpines Electric can help you. Contact them through their Instagram or call them at +1(781)632-1240.
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